A project of Salt Lake City, South Salt Lake, and UTA.

Sugar House Streetcar Rendering

Conceptual rendering of the Sugar House Streetcar and Greenway

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Phase 2 of the Sugar House Streetcar project includes an alternatives analysis study, land use analysis for the area adjacent to the Sugarmont Rail Corridor, a circulation and street amenities plan, and an affordable housing strategy that will better serve the future planning of the Sugar House Business District and neighborhood. The study and coordination effort will provide the Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City and the Community and Economic Development Department of Salt Lake City with recommendations and strategies for future transportation and land use decisions.
An open house was held in October 2011 at Westminster College as a culmination to the discussion of Phase 2 of the Sugar House Streetcar project. The feedback received at this open house, as well as previous open houses and public outreach events, was consolidated into the series of recommendations presented here.

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Study Areas and Streetcar Phases

Phase 1 is defined as the first segment of the Sugar House streetcar system, along the railroad corridor at approximately 2230 South from the Central Pointe TRAX station to McClelland Street (1050 East).

Phase 2 is defined as the second segment of the Sugar House line, the alignment from the terminus of Phase 1 at McClelland Street to be determined by an Alternatives Analysis Study.

Primary Benefit Study Area is defined as the Sugarmont Rail Corridor from 500 East to the terminus of the Phase I streetcar line at McClelland Street, encompassing 600 feet in each direction from the center of the Corridor.

Secondary Benefit Study Area is defined as 500 East to 1300 East and I-80 to and including the parcels that have frontage on the north side of 2100 South.

Project Objectives

A. Alternatives Analysis Study:

The Alternatives Analysis (AA) Study for the Phase 2 Sugar House alignment investigates the potential of extending transit service from the terminus of phase 1. A primary purpose of the AA is to determine a locally preferred alternative. It should be noted that myriad alternate transit alignments have been proposed in public open houses and outreach events and other stakeholder meetings.  While the AA is intended to be more technically oriented, public input will also be influential in determining the locally preferred alternative.     

B. Land Use Analysis:

The land use analysis will identify existing and future land use patterns in the Primary Benefit Study Area that complement the Phase 1 streetcar alignment. Recommendations that would optimize the integration of land uses with the streetcar will be made. These recommendations will be conveyed through renderings.

C. Circulation Plan:

The purpose of the circulation plan is to outline improvements in circulation that minimize traffic congestion, maximize pedestrian and transit options, and enhance retail, commercial, and residential opportunities within the Primary and Secondary Benefit Study Areas.  In addition, the circulation plan will address ways to circulate people without use of private automobiles in the Sugar House Business District while still activating and patronizing the area’s businesses. 

D. Streetscape Amenities Plan:

The Streetscape Amenities plan for the Primary and Secondary Benefit Study Areas will address the public right-of-way, Phase 1 streetcar corridor, and pedestrian and rider’s experience.

E. Affordable Housing Strategy:

The Affordable Housing Strategy will recommend ways to preserve and expand the existing affordable housing supply in the Primary and Secondary Benefit Study Areas. The recommendation will address Salt Lake City’s strategy for ensuring the provision of high-quality affordable and workforce housing in the corridor.